Mandera county rejects census report, terms it ridiculous

On the released census figures- Torching Mandera county.
With such boldness, the knbs has released jocular and comical water and soup mixed figures today. I must say as a conservative and loyalist then content supervisor, i am beyond bemuse.
While in 2009,with paper Assists Interviewing we managed to collect a rocking *1,025,756* Persons ,we were certainly certified to have our figures shoots by atleast 12% in mind balancing mortality rate birth rates, and stand birth rate.
Its to my traumatism,to have Death rate purge at (15%).
When we have the population reduction from 1,025,756 to 867,457. It means?
1) The last 10 years Mandera had zero birth rate. I.e within the entire mandera County no child was born between 2010- 2019 August. So ridiculous
2) We had 158,299 reported deaths for those 10 years, be it natural or planned deaths. And 15,829 annually , 1,319 monthly , 329 weekly and 48 Parsons daily. Which mandera are we in?
3) according to knbs economic index concerning the economic growth. The per said people in mandera county are highly engaged in mixed-economic activities.
Agricultural production and trading (ironically) leads the graph with a positive shoot.
Sijui ni mandera gani sasa mimi

What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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