Ruto will never be president of Kenya- COTU boss Francis Atwoli


~Francis Atwoli.

“William Ruto may never be a President in Kenya . Perhaps his current position my be the greatest achievement in his entire life.

When the Kings want you, they will come for you, entice you, smile with you, cheer you up and throw silvery promises to you . When they have used you, it never matters what agreement you had with them.

It never matters how many MoUs you signed with them.

It never matters how far you have come with them… they will dump you and get rid of you.

For those of us who were alive during the time of Jomo Kenyatta,, we have seen alot of this. We have seen the story of JM Kariuki, a man whose speeches and rhetoric went beyond tribal grounds. He was loved in Kisumu more than anywhere else.

We also saw Tom Mboya, the famous revolutionist of Africa, who was once invited by Martin Luther Jr in the states. Tom Mboya was the most preferred to succeed Kenyatta.He was loved by everyone. He would later be assassinated in a broad Saturday afternoon in the Middle of the City as thousands watched.

William Ruto who happens to be my son and personal friend is arguadly a fighter and a self made politician. He has never inherited following from anybody at any particular time, however it’s sad when he fails to remember that electoral injustices in Kenya is real and practical.

He forgets how his coalition PENTAGON won against Kibaki in 2007 with over 80 percent votes but would later be sent away through electoral malpractices. Through switching off TV and Radio stations. Through swearing in an illegitimate President.

He has forgoten that the only difference between now and 2007 is that unlike in 2007 in 2017 the malpractices worked on his favour.”

~Francis Atwol

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Written by Mighty Diamond


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