Odm responds angrily on Mudavadi’s attack on Raila


The ODM party is amused by the outburst from ANC Leader Musalia Mudavadi, directed at our Party Leader H. E Raila Odinga and the large array of leaders under the “Handshake Combined” team that have shown support for our party candidate in the Kibra byelection, Bernard Otieno Okoth.

We need to remind Musalia that he put the country on the biggest corruption path with Goldenberg and that was the beginning of mega scams in Kenya. It happened because of his spinelessness.

He forgot that at every given opportunity, he has declared his innocence on the Goldenberg saga, and has sought the country’s indulgence in treating him as a victim of circumstances, innocent till proven guilty. By passing judgment on some governors, merely for choosing to side with the best candidate in the field, Musalia denies others the same indulgence he has sought over Goldenberg.

Hon. Raila has made it clear that everyone accused of corruption or any other crimes must carry their own cross. Indeed there are ODM governors in court facing various charges and if Raila were to shield anyone from prosecution he would have started with his own!

This outburst must be seen in the context of a jilted lover, a parasite abandoned by its long suffering host. Musalia is easily the biggest baggage our party leader has had to carry since 2002. Now that Raila has taken away that support, Musalia needs to be a man.

Musalia must chart his own political path and shed the addiction to free manna from the direction and generosity of Raila Odinga. There will be no more salvage missions for political bagasse of the Musalia variety. The process of becoming a man is painful, hence the outbursts, but it is a journey he must now take. He must look himself in the mirror, for his imminent fall to oblivion is his own making.

Edwin Sifuna
Secretary General.

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