CJ Maraga is a blessing to Kenya, we must protect him at all cost

By Elisha president via fb
You people , get this.

David Kenani Maraga earned his position at the top. He never went up the ranks through dogdy means.He went through a very ruthless process that was aired live on our screens.I will tell you how..

When the Judicial Service Commision advertised for a vacant position in 2016, they summoned all members of the public that were interested in that position to make good their applications . This process was made public and greatly adverstised, just like the famous IEBC enumerator jobs or that of the Huduma number noisy hawkers. Here too, everyone was allowed to apply, and that included you and l. However, at the end of the day, some of us were knocked out on very focal grounds;some of us have a very feathery relationship with school , while others were specialists in other fields.. so they never qualified.

At the close of the day, only ten people had the courage to present themselves and their papers before the JSC. Out of the ten, only one stood the test; he had never stolen, never grabbed or robbed. He had also never raped or coverted . He was Justice David Kenani Maraga . He would later lightly assert that he had never taken in or given out any bribe.

Other applicants like Makau Mutua, Jacktone Ojwang’ , Smoking Wanjala and Aaron Ringera had too many blemishes. Other applicants were even worse, they had had more convictions than Mike Sonko son of Gideon Kioko, and their applications did not see the day.

Later, as Uhuru Kenyatta ushered Justice Maraga into office in 2016, he thought Maraga was a small boy who was going to answer his baleful calls with “ a yes sir!” As painful as it may sound, Mr Kenyatta only came to realise that he was dealing with a resoundingly principled man later. A good one being sometimes back in September 2017 ; when the gentleman lead a team of judges that nullified his election . And clarified that he had not been validly elected to that office. This list is long, but l will end here.

You see, you are allowed to take Justice Maraga as you wish, but for the 20 or so years l have been alive , l know Maraga as a straight forward man who has gone through all the odds to make this country a better place. He is a gentleman who is currently being battled up and down by the lords of grabbers, lords of looters and those that thirst for power. They want him out of that office, together with his offsiders . They want a windsock-judge who will easily change to the direction of the wind.

The powers fighting Maraga as so strong and in the fullness of time, they might win.. and you shall see what an innefectual judge shall get to that office.

You people, you are free to choose what you may, as for me and my family l vow to stand with Maraga. And just as they say, give me freedom , or give me death!

What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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