Pastor rekindles moment she was welcomed into a night club

By Debra Sharon via fb
So yesterday I met a looong time friend outside her office..she was so happy to see me..she joyfully welcomed me to her workplace (Casino) and told me to feel free..wait…it was so awkward getting in there..I felt very weird and I remember her friends coming up to me asking.. What will you drink??.
She quickly told them this is a Pastor friend of mine..she can only have a soda but I’m getting her as much as she wants…I have been visited today.. She cracked a joke?.phew!! She sat down and we were catching up then one guy came up to me saying you u don’t even look like this place and I know you feel weird..that’s how I felt too when. Decided to go to church for the first time..the atmosphere was weird..was welcomed at the door but once I got in I was green people were praying.. Crying.. And I didn’t know what was going on..the Pastor said don’t be like the heathens who don’t pray.. They’ll perish death is their destination pray…” He explained how he had mixed feelings. One he’s s heathen. Two he doesn’t even know how to pray. Three. Death is his destination why would he serve a God who can allow him to die because he can’t pray like all this other Christians in there are praying..
I asked him what he did. He said he stepped out and never got back to the doors of a weird place called church again… So he explained he understands how I feel in there then he said..but here you’ll die as fast as you wish more alcohol and cigars more chances of death..enjoy your stay.

I had to sit him down and explain what the Pastor he heard said and his heart is truly hardened..but people I understand how non believers feel in our midst how about we show them love..not just from our beautiful ushers at the door but their entire stay with us? They need a family that loves them. Love them. Tell them the Truth in Love. Do it as unto the Lord.
Non believers are a part of our mission they’re not our enemies.
Our enemy is the devil and sadly he’s made believers think non believers are their enemies. You can watch how believers treat the non believers like they’re lost.. See they’re lost so that you can point them to the light of the world.. He who follows Jesus was once lost but found..
A call to win souls through Love.
Jesus did it and you can do it as well

Her Highness?
Sharon Debra

What do you think?

Written by Mighty Diamond


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