Coop Bank management caught in graft expose’ involving Governor Sonko, bloggers

The war between Nairobi Governor and the Buyer Beware Facebook page continues to escalate as Sonko keeps drawing his arsenal and the administrators fighting back. Mildred Atty was recently arrested and charged for causing disturbance at a police station. In a quick rejoinder, Sonko has alleged that Owiso and her husband were involved in human trafficking and that was the basis of her arrest.

According to the charges before court, that wasn’t. Owiso and Buyer Beware admins including renowned human rights activists Wanjeri Nderu and a co-admin Jackson Nderu insisted that this was a backlash from the group exposing corruption in Nairobi County based on the Auditor’s General report that said there was misappropriation of funds.

Atty believes her troubles started with fighting Sonko and that he sent cops to her house to intimidate her and orchestrated her arrest and eventually trumped charges. While she’s now been released from police custody, the fight has never stopped. Governor Sonko has even taken everything a notch higher.

He says he’s currently working on an explosive expose documentary that will go to reveal the underlinings of Buyer Beware that he alleges to be engaged in cyber bullying and extortion. In his own words, he’ll sponsor it and have it aired on TV stations.

In his latest update, Sonko went all ballistic making all mannerisms of accusations that has since sucked in Co-Op Bank into the ring. Sonko alleges that Mildred Atty Owiso and Buyers Beware Group forced Brenda Akinyi to commit suicide through Cyber Bullying, goes to detail how Mildred extorted Ksh. 1.5 Million from Co-Op Bank Management which was deposited into to her account Buyers Awareness Kenya AC. NO. 01148732841800 on 20th March, 2018, how Mildred is known in UK as a Rwandese Lesbian Asylum Seeker by the name Mariae Ndlovicimpa and why she is wanted there for drugs related charges and abandoning her 6 Kids in Leicester, UK as well as many horror stories of dozens of victims of Mildred’s cyber bullying.

“So far so many families have been broken coz of the lies and blackmail by this group.” Sonko alleges. Mildred deals with one Ngumo Kahiga 0722702783 based at the Co-op Bank Headquarters who convinced the bank to wire the bribe of 1.5m and later got a share. Since Mildred could not register Buyers Beware name because it had been taken, she registered Buyers Awareness which owns the account to which Co-op Bank wired her the money.

Specifically, Mildred Account by the name Buyer Awareness is Acc. No. 0111488732841800 at Moi Avenue Branch Nairobi was wired Ksh. 1.5 Million on 20th March 2018. The bank prepared a fake contract which expires on 31/8/2019 with some funny reasons in some clauses reading protection fees, pulling down of any negative comments and posts, monitoring and protecting the bank from any social media attacks. (copy of contract in my possession to be released in next update). This tells you the extent of Mildred’s extortion schemes.

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